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Interment Services

Interment Service

Interment is the act of burying a deceased person.

Our services include the preparation and arrangement of a carpeted burial site with a lowering device and a backdrop. We also provide a table, some chairs, mineral water, and foldable fans.

Note that the cost of the interment services is not included in the lot purchase. However, discounts, for the Interment Service, are provided for Sr. Citizens and Persons with disabilities.

Heavenly Garden - Flowers and Candles

Flowers and Candles

Did you remember the birthday of your late spouse, or the wedding anniversary of your deceased parents, or the death anniversary of your late grandparents but could not go visit them at Heavenly Garden because of some personal or work concerns? Have you ever thought of sending them FLOWERS or may just even CANDLES to at least show them you care or maybe just appease yourself that you have not forgotten them?

Worry no more because we can extend our assistance to you. Send us an email with details and budget for flowers or candles that you would want to offer to your deceased Loved Ones interred at Heavenly Garden and we will take care of it. We will email to you the picture of your flower or candle offering and even say a prayer for them.

This is to say that we also care for your loved ones too.

Memorial Markers

We can also assist you in the purchase of Memorial Markers (Lapida) for your deceased Loved Ones. The markers we offer come in granite and marble and will suit all required specifications. You can just choose from varied computerized designs. Just drop by our Sales Office.