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Our Background

Incorporated on August 03, 1992, HEAVENLY GARDEN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is formed for the Filipino-Chinese communities and likewise for interested clients within Cavite, the National Capital Region and its adjoining provinces. With the congestion of the existing Chinese Cemetery in Manila and other memorial parks in the National Capital Region (Metro Manila), Heavenly Garden was initially conceived at providing a decent interment ground for members of the said communities, regardless of social status. It is anticipated to decongest cemeteries in Metro Manila and its environs and afford community members a place of solemn remembrance of departed families and relatives.

Our Mission

  • To preserve our time-honoured tradition and values and respect the sanctity of our loved ones;
  • To provide the best possible service at the most reasonable price, with policies unequalled by other memorial parks;
  • To ensure profitability and continuous satisfaction to our clientele, employees and shareholders;
  • To give prestige, stability and alternative source of livelihood to the community we serve and where we are located.

Our Vision

At Heavenly Garden, all people are created equal. It will be regarded as the premier, world class and caring memorial park that caters to all people from all walks of life. It is considered the only “tourist spot” memorial park in the Philippines, that showcases unique love, devotion and eternal remembrance.

The People Behind the Scenes


Corporate Shareholders

Mr. Jimmy Tang (Avesco Marketing) Chairman of the Board
Mr. Jeffrey Ng (CAPASCO) President
Atty. Ricardo T. Chu Jr. (Royal Goldcraft, Inc.) Corporate Secretary
There are also quite a number of known personalities who are both Members of the Board of Directors of Heavenly Garden Development Corporation and the Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII).

Management Team

Evangeline Choa Manager, Office Administration
Engr. Divina L. De Chavez Manager, Park Management and Operations
Ms. Rowena F. Cajili Sr. Manager, Sales & Marketing
Jerry Manalo Head, Accounting Department